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If we consider an LED light source as the leading role in a luminaire, there is no doubt that driver plays the best supporting role. Without driver, the light source itself cannot play its role. Using an LED driver is crucial in preventing damage to your LEDs. That's why we usually say the lifetime of a LED luminaire in fact depends on the lifetime of the driver it employs.

Normally, LEDs cannot be directly connected to AC mains. The main function of a driver is to limit the current regardless of input and output conditions across a range of operating conditions.
The LED's arrangement and luminaire specification dictate what kind of driver it needs.

YUKON has been on the R&D of LED driver for over ten years, designing tens of thousands of custom drivers for customers.
Choose our custom service, and benefit from high-performance products that are characterised by high reliability, efficiency, flexibility and quality.
Our capabilities:
Circuit design and layout
Custom function and control design(including dimming)

Create totally custom drivers to power and control your LEDs
ADD YUKON LED driver experience and expertise to your fixture design.

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